Single phase Oil-immersed hermetically sealed transformer

Employs the latest wound core technology from Japan, with high quality enamel coated copper conductor windings utilized in both sides of the coil. Transformer mineral oil is used as an electrical insulation and to assist in heat dissipation inside the completely sealed transformer tank. The transformer tank walls have air corrugated fins to increase the cooling surface area for the transformer mineral oil.

Product Feature and Benefit:

Hermetically sealed transformers which use corrugated panel walls as cooling fins:

  • are suitable for small capacity (kVA) requirements
  • should be installed on single poles
  • are able to perform at FULL kVA (100% rating)
  • have good safety and reliability properties
  • have strong and durable construction
  • have greatly reduced corrosive sulfur build-up related problems due to utilization of enamel coated copper conductor windings
  • can be designed and manufactured to any special requirements

Product Application

Factories, buildings and any facility / premises which require electricity.

Product Standard

  • Thai Industrial Standard TISI 384-2543
  • International Standard IEC 60076 or any other country industrial standard
  • International Quality Management System ISO 9001

Product Range

No. of phase Frequency Primary voltage Rated power
Single 50 Hz 22 kV, 19 kV 30 kVA, 50 kVA

Product Location:

Suitable for outdoor installation in Thailand or similar tropical environment or the following environmental conditions:

  • Altitude : up to 1,000 m above sea level
  • Maximum ambient temperature : 40 °C
  • Average ambient temperature on one (1) day : 35 °C
  • Average maximum relative humidity in any one (1) year : 94 %