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Employing the world’s latest 3D wound core design and manufacturing technology available, TME is proud to introduce its range of innovative energy saving 3D distribution transformers. TME is the first in ASEAN to manufacture this type of oil-immersed hermetically sealed 3D distribution transformers which features technologically advanced 3D wound core construction, ideal symmetrical delta-shaped (3D).

Increased energy savings and reduced operational costs (in “Silver”and “Gold” energy saving models)
More robust and durable
Loads consume less no load current and are more stable in operation thus extending lifespan of connected electrical equipment
Promotes better stability in electrical network
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Employs the latest wound core technology from Japan, with high quality enamel coated copper conductor windings utilized in both sides of the coil. Transformer mineral oil is used as an electrical insulation and to assist in heat dissipation inside the completely sealed transformer tank. The transformer tank walls have air corrugated fins to increase the cooling surface area for the transformer mineral oil.

Are suitable for small capacity (kVA) requirements
Should be installed on single poles
Are able to perform at FULL kVA (100% rating)
Have good safety and reliability properties
Have strong and durable construction
Have greatly reduced corrosive sulfur build-up related problems due to utilization of enamel coated copper conductor windings
Can be designed and manufactured to any special requirements
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