Introduction to the revolutionary 3D 1TC
transformer technology

Technology Benefits

The 3D distribution transformer with the revolutionary delta (3D) wound core is the ideal “green” transformer:

  • Increased electricity savings, lower Total Owning Cost (TOC) and reduced CO2 emissions (in SILVER and  GOLD energy saving models)
  • More robust and durable
  • Quieter
  • Promotes better stability in electrical network

Technology History

In 1880, a European engineer and inventor theorized that the optimal three-phase transformer should have a symmetrical delta-shaped (3D) core. However, his theories could not be transformed into reality because there was no manufacturing technology available at the time that could make it commercially viable.

Technology Introduction

  • The 3D transformer has been commercially available in Europe since 2004 and is billed as the “transformers of the future”
  • Thai Maxwell Electric (TME) began its 3D transformer development program in 2008 and is the first manufacturer in ASEAN to introduce the 3D energy saving oil-immersed distribution transformer in 2012
  • The innovative 3D wound core can only be manufactured using the latest wound core technology (TME has employed similar wound core technology since 1979)

Technology Highlights

Better core construction

Better core construction