Core Assembly

Despite the production processes within our factory having split into organized simpler steps to coordinate efficiency and productivity while keeping quality, core assembly have been part of the most, if not, labor demanding step. Core assembly for the transformers require hard manual labor to disassemble the cores from the shipment, and re-assembling them with the assembled coil. This simple step within the production process requires 2 workers for large size transformers, due to the sheer weight and force need to be used to assemble and tighten the cores together. In this stage, we are also dealing with heavy metal cores that need extra care and attention when transporting across the production line.

Therefore, it is our duty at Emax to ensure that our workers’ health are prioritized and that they are safely following the routined procedures when assembling the cores and as well as when transporting them. Such hard manual labor within this process still needs to be improved in regards to new tools and innovations within the manufacturing industry on core-assembly processes.

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