Introduction to the revolutionary 3D 1TC
transformer technology


  • Ideal for installation sites where low operating sound levels are required
  • Ideal for installation sites with sensitive instruments/equipment (eg. data centers) where low harmonic effects are required or for use as an isolating transformer
  • Ideal for reducing electricity costs in high electricity consumption installation sites (eg. cold storage warehouses that operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)


  • Complies with current outdoor installation conditions and standards
  • Can easily replace existing conventional stacked core standard loss transformers

Installation conditions

Suitable for outdoor installation in Thailand or similar tropical environment or the following environmental conditions:

  • Altitude: up to 1,000 m above sea level
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 40oc
  • Average ambient temperature on one (1) day: 35oc
  • Average maximum relative humidity in any one (1) year: 94%
  • Able to design and manufacture to suit other environmental conditions


Designed, manufactured and tested to conform to the following quality and engineering standards:

  • Thai Industrial Standard TISI 384-2543
  • International Standard IEC 60076 or any other country industrial standard
  • International Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Gold Transformer losses according to European Distribution
  • Transformer Loss Standard: Table A.2 EN 50464-1 (A0), Table A.3 EN 50464-1 (Ak)

Product Range