Emax Electric Company Limited is the first manufacturer of distribution transformers and the first to manufacture 3D (delta wound core) oil-immersed distribution transformers in Cambodia. Established in 2018 within the rapidly growing industrial market of Cambodia’s infrastructure business, Emax have since managed to incorporate the introduction of the revolutionary 3D distribution transformers’ manufacturing process to meet local demands and international standards for electric power products.

In an effort to reduce Cambodia’s national dependence on imported transformers, Emax’s manufactured distribution transformers are produced with local demands and specifications in mind, striving to meet the needs of Cambodia’s appetite for progressive infrastructural developments.

Emax is managed by a combined Cambodian-foreign management team and manufactures the latest generation of distribution transformers, employing the best transformer core technology currently available in the world.

Emax’s joint venture with Thai Maxwell Electric Co., Ltd (TME) in 2018, one of Thailand’s largest electric power product manufacturers, and the innovator of 3D distribution transformers, have strengthened our technological expertise through close technical and management collaboration.

Established in 1979, TME was promoted by the Board of Investment (BOI) and Royal Thai Government in 1980, and is part of the Maxwell Group, a niche industrial group (consisting of 24 companies employing over 1,300 personnel) that caters to the infrastructure development of both the private and public sector.


“ We commit to keep making the best Quality Management System and deliver products and services for our customers. ”

Their latest achievements has been in the introduction of the revolutionary 3D (delta wound core) oil-immersed distribution transformers and the setup of its High Power Laboratory (in collaboration with the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand) with TIS 17025-2548 (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) accreditation capable of conducting short circuit withstand tests. With the help of Thai Maxwell Group, Emax managed to become the first manufacturing site in Cambodia to introduce the assembly and production line of this revolutionary 3D distribution transformers.

Emax’s main business line – electric power products – incorporating the manufacturing and servicing of distribution transformers.

Emax’s transformers are manufactured under stringent manufacturing and quality management systems (ISO 9001:2015) which conforms to international standards and have an outstanding track record and reputation for high product quality and reliability. Our factory site also values quality and safety control within our production processes, from equipment maintenance and calibration, to optimizing our quality management system.

All of Emax’s service technicians are professionally trained and equipped with the latest equipment to ensure that our client’s equipment are maintained in optimum working condition.

At Emax, we strive to build robust quality manufacturing products and services that can provide as essential contributions to the infrastructural developments of Cambodia and its rapidly growing pathways to future industrial developments.

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