EMAX: Cambodia’s first producer of distribution transformers

Emax Electric Company Limited is the first manufacturer of distribution transformers and the first to manufacture 3D (delta wound core) oil-immersed distribution transformers in Cambodia. Established in 2018 within the rapidly growing industrial market of Cambodia’s infrastructure business, Emax have since managed to incorporate the introduction of the revolutionary 3D distribution transformers’ manufacturing process to meet local demands and international standards for electric power products.

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Our Products

Distribution Transformers

This type of oil-immersed hermetically sealed 3D distribution transformers features technologically advanced 3D wound core construction, ideal symmetrical delta-shaped (3D), and innovative energy saving technology.

Increased energy savings and reduced operational costs
More robust and durable
Better stability in electrical network
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Employs the latest wound core technology from Japan, with high quality enamel coated copper conductor windings utilized in both sides of the coil.

Suitable for small capacity (kVA) requirements
Strong and durable construction
Can be designed and manufactured to any special requirements
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Why 3D Transformers

Introduction to the revolutionary 3D 1TC transformer technology

The 3D distribution transformer with the revolutionary delta (3D) wound core is the ideal “green” transformer. This advanced technology is able to provide a reduction in operational costs of transformers and have shown to increase electricity savings through a more efficient electrical network and wound core technology.

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